Bizness Connect.Com Limited currently operates in the Internet and Networking services Industries.
In 1993 our director went to Australia to a week long introduction to the Internet and became incapsulated with this new technology. He spent the next year learning to understand the structure of the Internet and website design using an html editor called Hotdog web editor. Then in 1995 he went back to Surfers Paradise Australia for another weeklong Internet conference about utilising the Internet in business. On his return he spent another six months learning html coding and Internet hosting and also tried to push the Internet technology in this country with little success. In 1998 our director formed an Internet Design Company with other directors called Globetech Limited, which successfully completed websites. Our director wished then to expand into the Web Hosting business but the capital required was to high to acquire.
Created Growth Vision In January 2000 our director decided to leave Globetech Limited to it’s other directors and setup his own company called


Bizness Connect.Com Limited in February 2000. Bizness Connect.Com Limited is an Internet Hosting and Design Company, who’s primary focus is on developing and maintaining internet websites for clients who lack the time, knowledge or tools to do so themselves, providing disk space inside our web servers for their webpages and websites. Our Internet server systems are connected to an extremely high bandwidth backbone in the USA. We have many New Zealand and Overseas Business alliances. We are keeping large and small business owners in our area updated with the Internet and Intranet technologies and trends and are helping them to present themselves to the world via the Internet. In our research we found that personal service was lacking in this country, so we made this a key component in our business strategy by including a toll free contact and support service. We have located our business in the central business area of Hastings in Hawkes Bay, which is strategically placed to service the central north island. We are striving to become the One Stop Internet Solutions Shop.


Bizness Connect is forging close relationship with customers to provide one stop shop solution for your current and future business needs and growth. We ensure highly customized solutions, local presence for close integration, and the highest levels of support and maintenance.

our core capabilities in establishing a comprehensive corporate network with multidisciplinary practices. Utilizing our vast resources but striking out on our own distinct path.

As a partner by choice for our leading technology partners our market footprint is end-to-end, catering to enterprises, telecom operators, and government channels.