Free Domain Name For Life

Registering a domain name
Want to get online but don’t know where to start? When creating a website the first thing to do is choose and register a Domain Name. Your Domain is your very own address on the Internet: and it tells potential visitors who you are and what you do. This guide gives you the instructions and advice you need to get the best domain for your website.
1. Choose your Domain
Domain names can have up to 63 characters, including the letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, and hyphens.
2. Make it Easy To Remember
Choose a domain that’s easy to remember. Keeping it simple is the key to a great domain name, so avoid long words, slang or technical terms.
3. Get Specific
Give yourself an advantage: use words specific to your business. For example: if you own a business that sells books, called Janes books, consider domains like or
4. Keep it in the Country
Customers like to shop local, even online. We recommend businesses use country-specific domains. For example: Australian businesses should register while United Kingdom businesses should register or .nz
We have the unique country domains for every country in the world: choose the one that best suits your location.
5. Protect your Domain Name:Register Multiple Domains
Many brands register multiple domain names to protect their trademarks – there are NO limits to the number of domain names you can have.
For example, Pepsi cola might register global domains like:,, and as well as misspellings like to redirect customers.
6. Last Checks
Some domains are restricted to countries or cities, others depend on the business. Then there’s trademarks and copyright. Before you press the check out button, make sure you know there won’t be a problem with your chosen name.
It’s a good idea to spellcheck it and make sure it can’t be misunderstood, either – you don’t want your luxury pen website to be the new
7.Don’t Wait a Minute Longer
You don’t even need to have a website to register a domain: anybody can have one. Hundreds of new domains are registered every minute. If you have a good idea for a domain name, don’t wait to register it – or it could be gone.
8. Register Now
Registering a domain name with us is easy, fast, and approved instantly – so you can spend less time registering your website and more time being productive.